Snowballs and Laboratories?! - Hermitcraft 7: #74

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Tango Tek

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I got my base back! Also... Snowballs and Laboratory Science!
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Matthew Benedict
Matthew Benedict Prieš 4 dienas
i like these dev videos
Linus Massart
Linus Massart Prieš 7 dienų
maybe if an imposter does a task he can put a sabotage card in the barrel and not the book so this way you can trigger the sabotages
catherineliu06 Prieš 10 dienų
I'm just going to leave the time stamp 2:14 so I can come back and hear the Perry song again
יהונתן בליליוס
יהונתן בליליוס Prieš 20 dienų
In among us you can make the crafters more powerful by giving them the ability to sabotage. One of the sabotage can be “vents lockdown”. You can in the middle of the vent put a two by one piston door and block the vent. The impostors that will come into a vent will be stuck in one side of the vent and they will need to leave from the place that they vented. You can also make it once per game and when everyone are teleported to the meeting room the vents “opens”.
Maddie Prieš 22 dienas
Ah no! Would have loved for this swap to have stuck around for a bit longer. Oh well!
Caitlin Holden
Caitlin Holden Prieš 23 dienas
ISAAC BOHNE Prieš 23 dienas
You should do a button that connects to a redstone system that sabotages body reports. And all the lights.
Quibie Prieš 24 dienas
Thank you for showing us what you're doing. Some of us DO enjoy all the piddly things you're having to do to get things up and running. :)
J Mabruk
J Mabruk Prieš 25 dienų
I think the Toon towers should be connected to AgueeWee Town by a glorious enormous bridge. There's this street that ends before the beach anyway! :D
ImFozzy Prieš 25 dienų
Tango: Redstone is not good content Mumbo's career: why must i suffer
Life With Kenyan
Life With Kenyan Prieš 26 dienų
Hey Tango you may never see this or care. But is there a way that you could make the tek topia mod a mc.pack? anyways I cant download it on my xbox with it being .jar. Thank You
Razia 2
Razia 2 Prieš 26 dienų
21:30 - Big Bang Theory(1920) + Every Living thing From Water 41:11 - Everything Was Initially Smoke. 31:29 - Slow merge of the day & night. 39:5 - Allah Coils Night into Day & Day into Night. 79:30 - The earth egg shaped expansion (Dahama) - Ostrich Egg Shaped All These are not possible unless earth was spherical where science claimed before that earth was flat. 25:61 - Moon is luminous(Munir - That which is lighted literally) But science previously claimed the moon has its own light 21:33 - He created the sun & the moon, each traveling on its own axis. 36:40 - Sun & Moon have their own orbits. But science claimed the sun revolved around the earth & all planets revolve around the earth. It also claimed that the sun didn't rotate on its own axis even in the 1980s. 36:38 - The sun is reaching its endpoint. But science discovered it recently. 21:32 - The sky(atmosphere) is protection. Science later confirmed that it protects us from harmful UV rays. 25:59 - Allah created whatever is BETWEEN the Heavens & the Earth. This includes plasma which was very recently discovered until which we thought there are only 3 states of matter. Solid, Liquid, Gas. 51:47 - The universe is expanded. (Done by Allah) No doubt that's a very recent discovery. (Edwin Abel & others) 34:3 - Atom or something smaller than that! It was believed that Atom could not be divided (Greeks). Now we know that atom too can be divided. 39:21-Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky and makes it flow as springs [and rivers) in the earth; then He produces thereby crops of varying colors; then they dry and you see them turned yellow; then He makes them (scattered] debris. Indeed in that is a reminder for those of understanding. (More 30:48, 7:57, 13:17,35:9, 36:34, 50:9-10, 56: 68-70, 25:49) But science discovered these later on. Water Cycle(1580's). More discovery Later. 78:6-7 - Mountains act as stakes for the earth (also 79:32, 88:19,21:31,31:10,16:15) This was later confirmed by Science. 25:53, 55:19,20 - Let loose two bodies(seas) who don't mix because of a barrier. Science later discovered the “Homogenizing barrier". E.g. Gulf of Mexico, Alaska. 24:40 - Depth of darkness of the vast deep ocean. I.e. it is dark in the depth of the ocean, Science later discovered with the help of submarines that it is dark deep down in the oceans. 20:53 - There is sex(Species) between plants even. (ajwaj)(See also 36:36, 51:49, 13:3) Science discovered this reality later. Everything in pairs. Even electricity(pos,neg) 21:30- Every living thing from water. (mentioned in the desserts??) Later science confirmed that every living creature contains water. (Created from the cell which contains water too) 6:38 - Every living being lives in a community. (later discovered) 16:68,69 - Bees build its cells in trees and FOLLOW THE WAYS ALLAH HAS laid down for you (Later science confirmed this with the theory of how a bee communicate regarding paths to the other bees - Bee Dance *In the Arabic the gender is evident as well)(AlsoArabic the gender is evident as well)(Also science later discovered that honey is inside bee's belly & also about benefits of honey - all these summarized in 2 ayahs) 29:41 - The spider's house is fragile. (Later science found out that their family is fragile too - female spider kills male) 27:17,18 - Ants talking!!!! (Later science discovered that the ants are the most similar to humans - even more than monkeys/apes which the atheist claim as the source of a human) 16:66 - The process of milk production & its benefits (Later discovered by science). 86:5,6 - Created from fluid emerging from backbone & ribs(Which is literally modern science) 22:5|23:13 - Super details of zygote development (Literally modern science but science denied it before) 53:45,46 - The sperm determines the gender (Again, Modern Science) 39:6 - He created you from one soul. Then He made from it its mate, and He produced for you from the grazing livestock eight mates. He creates you in the wombs of your mother's, creation after creation, within three darknesses. That is Allah, your Lord; to Him belongs dominion. There is no deity except Him, so how are you averted?((Also 23-12,13,14) Embryo Stages. (Advanced Modern Science) 76:2 - Hearing & Sight (The same order which a baby gets) (32:9 Also) 75:3,4 - Difference in fingerprints (But discovered by science on 1880) 4:56 - Skin for pain?? (Later discovered by science that the brain isn't the only organ responsible for pain) NOW ASK: How does an Arab in the desert 1400 years ago know all these? How come there is no need to add or remove anything from the Qur'an?
Blair Spurtburgler
Blair Spurtburgler Prieš 26 dienų
Tango, why not iron doors for the "vents"? so they don't accidentally open and close?
7ramy byarat
7ramy byarat Prieš 26 dienų
Please use the nether star to report a dead body. Just make everyone hold a nether star with their color named on it and when they die they drop it off and other players when they see it they drop it off in a nearby reporting station.
marcel colon
marcel colon Prieš 27 dienų
Isn't a wooden box a chest
Max Giordano
Max Giordano Prieš 27 dienų
Hay! Tango you did the parry the platypus theme wrong I’m infuriated! Just kidding
Gabriel Amaral
Gabriel Amaral Prieš 27 dienų
Wish tektopia get to see the light of day again. Love this mod and i'm playing on 1.12.2 just because of it.
Alex Kendrick
Alex Kendrick Prieš 28 dienų
Go back to tek-topia I have a idea! Idea: make the countries on earth and make wars and the countries evolve their weapons like ARs and shotguns just make the world a little more realistic if you know what I mean!
Prizum Prieš 28 dienų
I know this might be late, but it's probably a good idea to give among us players a map. You could build a replica high in the sky with significant colors to represent locations, that way it would show the players that.
Eric Hargrove
Eric Hargrove Prieš 28 dienų
I just realized that Among Us is just a 3D game of Clue...
Legion Madnessson
Legion Madnessson Prieš 28 dienų
defalse-ify.... so rectify?
Kroznick Prieš 28 dienų
I came back to this video just to hear the noise Tango makes when he notices Perry.
Professor Metal
Professor Metal Prieš 28 dienų
2:17, I demand a full Tango cover of Agent P's theme!
Norah Somerset
Norah Somerset Prieš 29 dienų
When someone dies there will be a message in the chat what is he gonna do about that?
please update tektopia.
Jo Jo_SP
Jo Jo_SP Prieš mėn
1:55 Oh look a Platapys *sees hat* wait PERRY THE PLATUPUS!?
Joshua Rowe
Joshua Rowe Prieš mėn
Could you activate the sabotages with items you put in the chests that collect the crafters' task books? Then the imposters can sabotage but look like they're turning in a task.
Phill Prieš mėn
You need a bridge to aqua town.
Jed Deeks
Jed Deeks Prieš mėn
If an impostor completes a task so that the trapdoor opens, wouldn't the next crafter be able to just put their task straight into the barrel instead of also completing the task?
Kaia Willey
Kaia Willey Prieš mėn
My goodness you are going ALL IN on this among us game! I am a little worried about it getting too complicated to keep up with the minigames and I worry it will be tooo easy for the imposta
dude82us Prieš mėn
the vine growing in the wheat grow spot will stop the wheat from growing
chickens are awesome
chickens are awesome Prieš mėn
I feel like the among us game won't be played as much as Decked out, mainly because it is a multiplayer game so it requires a number of hermits to be online. Decked out was a singleplayer which would allow them to play a lot more.
Poisonous Butterfly 2TYU & Eli
Poisonous Butterfly 2TYU & Eli Prieš mėn
There is a base in your base made by Grian
Turtilee Prieš mėn
Anyone else totally hyped to see this game played on Hermitcraft?
Catherine Reed
Catherine Reed Prieš mėn
Tango, you are one of my faves, and I know you do a lot of behind-the-scenes work off camera. You said some other stuff was going on that kept you away from your computer. I hope it wasn't bad stuff. You don't know me so I would never ask personal details. I hope it was something really great and wonderful. Or just you needed some time off, I won't judge. I am glad you are back, you are really fun to watch and always make my day better, like all the other Hermits.
jacob guralnick
jacob guralnick Prieš mėn
Sad you can't do mini-game specific music, but it might be cool to have a bit of music play through the game to obscure any noises caused by the crossbow shots. Like the Jaws music or maybe have Etho do music from the game.
Kristian Olsen
Kristian Olsen Prieš mėn
You should switch the oak doors in the vents to iron doors to match real vents
Nature_Master Prieš mėn
is no one thinking about how rich he is!!! he scaffolds with iron blocks
Manolo Gonzalez
Manolo Gonzalez Prieš mėn
you should replace the white concrete on the floor of the lab for polished diorite
jjj lebanon
jjj lebanon Prieš mėn
do a room or hallway themed on a futuristic theme please
Vincent Rau
Vincent Rau Prieš mėn
The noises are great. First Mumbo with his door breaking and now Tongo with Perry. Amazing
Milo Ventura
Milo Ventura Prieš mėn
I just got a new google acount
CopyrightNoG Prieš mėn
I think you should use snow balls cuz they’re easier to farm than ender pearls. Just make sure you use a dropper.
MAC 200
MAC 200 Prieš mėn
i can totally see how scar would get stuck in te labratory water stream
shadow105720 Prieš mėn
The doors should be iron just so they don't get clicked on accident and put slabs so the impostors are crouched in the vents!
Lang Sothearith 8M
Lang Sothearith 8M Prieš mėn
Tango nearly hitting 1 mil lets go tango lets go tango it will be a huge milestone for him so guys come on lets get him to 1 million ❤️
Bob ThePantsio
Bob ThePantsio Prieš mėn
You should make map art that looks like a stone brick block to go in the vent instead of the black map art
SIN TAS Prieš mėn
Arjun Dasari
Arjun Dasari Prieš mėn
Maybe each area has its own music? might be a lot to do but i think it would add to the atmosphere lol
Slayer_2 Prieš mėn
I’d love to see the Krusty Krab at toon towers or some spongebob stuff
Tornadey Two
Tornadey Two Prieš mėn
That lava feature in the blacksmith is not scar safe
Tornadey Two
Tornadey Two Prieš mėn
Ya know, platypuses don't do much.
Korenn Prieš mėn
For the lab floor I'd go with smooth diorite and coal blocks for a bit of texture.
The ZachSinister
The ZachSinister Prieš mėn
Ross Freeman
Ross Freeman Prieš mėn
Maybe Iron doors in the vents so they can't be changed?
Lex MONFILS Prieš mėn
Things like the chicken coup are really cool but the stone brick walls look kinda ugly and do not fit
Da Nielle
Da Nielle Prieš mėn
Can you do a collab with NotPaulGG?
Dhruva Hegde
Dhruva Hegde Prieš mėn
How did he do the vent thing??
Apolline Thepenier
Apolline Thepenier Prieš mėn
Are you going to do a map for Among Us (you would have to build it and then map it)? I think it would make it a bit easier to navigate through the rooms.
유황Tv Prieš mėn
Graham Grafiend
Graham Grafiend Prieš mėn
Happy to wait Tango. I know it will be amazing and the best things are worth waiting for.
Michał Walczak
Michał Walczak Prieš mėn
Idea for sabotage triggering - give impostors hoes and put "random" dirt blocks in the wall - when they turn dirt into farmland the sabotage will start. After cooldown push any block above the farmland to turn it into dirt back. Easy, self-resetting, the only problem is that hoe can be used for killing.
MuttonChops24 Prieš mėn
the swap back happened way too soon IMO. seems like some of the hermits were not happy about it and thats why the swap back happened
Lifetrack Academy
Lifetrack Academy Prieš mėn
Tango, you can also use the player chat option to block people in your game of Among Us. You can use this so people outside of the game can still chat. So you don't have to block all chat.
M Voces Eurjieboy
M Voces Eurjieboy Prieš mėn
1:52 For a second, I thought my earphones suddenly stopped working. Edit: another task behind the falls??? Maybe yes? Maybe nah???
Roksana Ruhe
Roksana Ruhe Prieš mėn
Renzo Miguel Asuncion
Renzo Miguel Asuncion Prieš mėn
hey tango please update your tektopia to 1.16 please
Dr Quack224
Dr Quack224 Prieš mėn
Tangos a genius.
Senketsu Fi
Senketsu Fi Prieš mėn
A platypus?......... *sees fedora* PERRY THE PLATYPUS!!!!???
Sirspidey Prieš mėn
Let’s face it, if hermitcraft was a competition tango is by far the winner. Knocked it out the park! Above and beyond with such originality. Bravo!!
ED CALWAG Prieš mėn
The kill cd may be too short
OvenCake Prieš mėn
For the snowball task I think etho had a similar problem with his own minigame. He used a minecart and detector rails and fed them into AND gates
sophisticated Duck
sophisticated Duck Prieš mėn
this brought me back to the modding days of tango
Dubys GD
Dubys GD Prieš mėn
Why is there #amongus in the title?
GatorBator78 _
GatorBator78 _ Prieš mėn
Benjamin Prieš mėn
Ritika Kilaru
Ritika Kilaru Prieš mėn
When Tango said goodbye to False's base, an ad came up singing "I'll never forget you" That was *AMAZING!* 🤣
Lena Scharnreitner
Lena Scharnreitner Prieš mėn
The speaker of Dr Doofenschmirz did a cover of billie eilish bad guy i say this because your reaction to Perry the platypus told me that you need to know
Awsometime Prieš mėn
Perhaps use the map district to make a miniature map of the among us area for the imposter to hold?
James Henderson
James Henderson Prieš mėn
Tango you should provide the hermits and your audience with a image Map of the ... Arena? playground? murderFestival? Map. yeah, map. That way we can feel a little less disoriented when watching the assumed future gameplay videos! Also Hermits might want to post this map in future videos so their audience can jump right in without needing to Watch several months of content!
Victor De Boever
Victor De Boever Prieš mėn
Maybe make the lab one way glass?
Tony Quinn
Tony Quinn Prieš mėn
you should add the sound effects
KiddsockTV Prieš mėn
hang in there man! Yeah we do miss you. Maybe someone will notice Perry ;)
Snappydoodle Prieš mėn
you should use iron doors for the vents so impostors can't accidently open them
AtomicFlame AtomicIce
AtomicFlame AtomicIce Prieš mėn
Tango please I have a request for your Toon Towers Town Since you Built Evil incorporated try building the second dimension one lol if not it’s fine
Medusa Prieš mėn
Mumbo likes "3D printing redstone" ;) Since you had some great builders help out with the decorating, it'd be great to see a fellow redstoner like Mumbo help out with all the repetitive redstone you have left to build!
Jake McGowan
Jake McGowan Prieš mėn
idea: each player gets a super task, which is much harder to do but has some sort of a better reward
Shahar Zamir
Shahar Zamir Prieš mėn
when i saw his thumbnail's face i could only think that etho got to tango
Ella Persson Lindau
Ella Persson Lindau Prieš mėn
You really don’t need to feel bad, even if you uploaded once a YEAR we’d still be here! All love from Sweden!
Matthew Tolliver
Matthew Tolliver Prieš mėn
Please... replace the diorite... for iskall and all of ours sake
Igor Yugure
Igor Yugure Prieš mėn
I love that other people are coming in to help out! It's like a comunity build game, casue everyone knows this will be awesome!
The Bloody Marshmellow
The Bloody Marshmellow Prieš mėn
Hey tango use eggs not enserperarls so that people can’t pick them up and abuse them
YoBroSpadey Prieš mėn
TENGO Best sabotage! An imposter could take all the sugar cane! is dat good o bad? :D
JJ0520 Prieš mėn
I look around at his red stone and it blows my mind that he builds it with iron blocks. You are definitely the Iron King
AppleEater9 Prieš mėn
10:07 "the beacons are just for looks" 😅
Ricardo Torres
Ricardo Torres Prieš mėn
2:40 is Tango slowy turning into a cartoon himself?
Finn Cohen
Finn Cohen Prieš mėn
1:51 thats all I have to say
Seth Myers
Seth Myers Prieš mėn
I wonder how he will stop the chat when the imposter kills.still good work tango your a good youtuber😍😍😍
Max Mondays
Max Mondays Prieš mėn
I think all the hermits are just turning off their chat when they play
HartleighJoy Prieš mėn
Do we get to play this map once the season is over????
Pablo Gutierrez Guevara
Pablo Gutierrez Guevara Prieš mėn
3:53 you don’t see the light if it’s sabotaged by the impostor.
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