Dungeon Dash with Impulse! Stunning RTX custom maps!

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Tango Tek

Prieš mėn

Today I team up with Impulse to go through 10 beautifully stunning adventure maps showcasing Minecraft with RTX!
For more information about Minecraft with RTX
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Darren Mead
Darren Mead Prieš mėn
This rtx is amazing, you guys are so much fun. Great video 👍
Attack8 Prieš mėn
it is so laggyy
Crispy Bacon-16
Crispy Bacon-16 Prieš mėn
“Water Temple, that doesn’t sound too menacing.” Laughs in Zelda
Dr SteveBoy
Dr SteveBoy Prieš mėn
The first two maps were for both of them: 1st map- guardian is impulse specialty 2nd map-ravager is tangoes specialty
Wendy Prieš mėn
Look at Tango actually doing parcour!
Powerful Gaming
Powerful Gaming Prieš mėn
Hi Tango, did you inspiration came from Taylor from Island Total Drama for the logo?
Joe The Juggalo
Joe The Juggalo Prieš mėn
Tango & Impuse: *mistakes were made* Ms. Frizzle: *take chances, make mistakes, and get messy.*
ツFredi Prieš mėn
7:27 that gasp tho...
Zelith Fang
Zelith Fang Prieš mėn
Who else is excited for an update on his among us mini game?
Winterfalke Prieš mėn
Holy crap that was amazing. I am remembering why I've been hanging out with you two for the last 5 years lol
FrankTheTank_9 Prieš mėn
Does that mean the season ended if you are doing something else?
Иван Жидков
Иван Жидков Prieš mėn
I dislike impulse a lot, he's an arrogant always laughing prick, so i'm not watching this video. No thanks to you, Tango, make a better video next time.
Savannah Atkinson
Savannah Atkinson Prieš mėn
You guys are goons together. I love it.
Roksana Ruhe
Roksana Ruhe Prieš mėn
Almost 1 mil broooo
Manohar Kvs
Manohar Kvs Prieš mėn
Where can I get the map tango?
David Yodo
David Yodo Prieš mėn
Tango and Impulse combination always worked 😆
Xavier Dietz
Xavier Dietz Prieš mėn
I am surprised he didn't make a reference to decked out when he saw that ravenger lol
Cynxco Prieš mėn
Hii!! Fan of tektopia mod here, You should make an update :)))
Simsations Gold
Simsations Gold Prieš mėn
RedX James
RedX James Prieš mėn
Why does Impulse sometimes sound like BDubs XD
HugeInJapan Prieš mėn
Flying burrito kick? I see Tango is a man of culture. We old guys really need to stick together
Fluffo Foxo
Fluffo Foxo Prieš mėn
You two should do a parkour map together.
Barryd Heil
Barryd Heil Prieš mėn
First 1080p video for mobile! Awesome!
RickForceOne Prieš mėn
yo man your videos are sick just a thing (forgive my bad english) i FRIGGIN LOVE the tektopia mod and i got some suggestions (if its continued, but i doubt it isn't cause you are active and cool and all that stuff) ok so, some new roles/jobs: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the archer: i mean just read the name man (also, i think they should have their own barrack but idk you choose) they will have another guard post wich isnt gonna be the guard's one, that will be like a turret and they will get on top of it and stand where there is an item frame with a bow in it (if its on a wall the archer will stand next to it, if its on the ground the archer will stand on it, the archer can still move tho if he/she cant it enemies from its current position) it must be really tall tho cause the taller it is the more precise the archers will shoot, their accuracy also depends by their skill level. the builder: ok basically this man right here costs alot, he sells you structures (wich you buy with emeralds) and basically its a job wich can be bought for around 50 emeralds and he sells you structures (that doesnt mean you cant build your own, its just an option for lazy people like me) and yeah hes pretty op but you need to pay him emeralds AND/or the materials to build the structure the priest: basically he will have its own structure called "church" (mr obvious reward here) and people will go to the church 2 times a day (morning and evening) wich will increase their faith, wich is like luck (miners will have more chances of finding ores in stone blocks, the lumberjacks will get more wood logs from a signle tree when they're low level etc.) and increases their skill a litlle bit for the day, wich can increase their skill from 2-5 depending on the preist's skill level, the preist will also gain happyness for how much people are in the church and for their faith level. (obviously some people like the teacher, wich has school and the guards who sleep the day cant go to church so thats why there will be 2 harvest) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- now onto cool stuff/features (wich i find cool) wars: basically here kicks in a new "job" wich is messenger, a villager that will go to other villages and basically declare war. how this works it: this guy goes to a village you choose from a special map and basically goes to their town hall, shoots in the air a rocket with a bow wich says "war" and the villagers of that village will have their guards go to ur village and attack (its random when, it can be night as it can be day, nobody knows) and who wins the war can have all the structures of the other village and their storage's items, if you lose, all your villagers convert into the winner's village and you are only left with the town hall, starting from scratch. primary tasks: basically when a villager has their tasks wich you can select what to do what not, there is gonna be a little star icon next to the task, and its gonna be the task that they will have to do 1st, like for example: you got your miner's primary task to "mine" so they are gonna mine 1st, then do all the other tasks in order, and then repeat the thing. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- i hope this helped and i really hope the mod gets continued, have a good day. (also i subscribed wich is probably a thing you should do too *insert sunglasses face*) cool vid btw (also dont bully me for my english pls)
RimaNari Prieš mėn
Hm, RTX is nice on adventure maps like these, but playing vanilla with this must be gruesome. Half the time you can't tell what is what. And it clearly needs some work - water and glass look like perfect mirrors, and dark areas are much too dark. Appears to me to be the same as with shaders: Bright areas look fantastic, while dark ones are a mess. Would have liked NVidia to sponsor proper reviews, and not adventure maps where people don't have time to focus on the pros and cons of RTX.
Justin Zhang
Justin Zhang Prieš mėn
"Why did they put a Revengers in here? I was ok with just husks!" Well idk, why did you put 5 Ravengers in decked out
אלון אלפרט
אלון אלפרט Prieš mėn
Do live with rtx
Pasta Man
Pasta Man Prieš mėn
I literally just got microsoft 10 AND ITS SO GOOD SMOOTH (p.s. before i had minecraft 1.9 on windows 7 vista business)
lee gold
lee gold Prieš mėn
nvidia trash bag compnay who sold 2.7mil dollars of there new video cards to bit miner before then even put them out for gamers to buy and there no stock left to buy. Great job going with AMD as they are little less of a trash-bag company
TheMangoNinja8 Prieš mėn
The reason I don't like RTX is in order to emphasize the light, they made everything else ridiculously dark.
Jeevana Rajaratne
Jeevana Rajaratne Prieš mėn
Close to 1 million subscribers? Good luck
William Alexander
William Alexander Prieš mėn
This was fun
Jacob R
Jacob R Prieš mėn
You now they play Java if they don’t spam click on bedrock lol
Christopher Harrison
Christopher Harrison Prieš mėn
Impulse sounding like b-dubs when falling into the rift.
JustanOrdinaryGuy Prieš mėn
Laughed a lot when watching this! It was very enjoyable! My fav part is the well xD Im glad Tango didn't actually cut it, lol
Wersjon Prieš mėn
Nvidia can't provide any stock, yet they still pay for more promotions
oNBK-_-MaD_HaTtA Prieš mėn
Tango you need to install some really nice shaders and then go into raytracing mode to really appreciate the raytracing
Pedro Rodrigues
Pedro Rodrigues Prieš mėn
Nvidia sucks
Steven He
Steven He Prieš mėn
Normal people: mine the ores in sky island. Tango and Impulse: I thought we are not supposed to place or mine block..
Idan Hason
Idan Hason Prieš mėn
Suffering impulse sound like bdubs
Jessica Phillips
Jessica Phillips Prieš mėn
Seems Great
Leo Sanjaya
Leo Sanjaya Prieš mėn
8:45 Tango: You thinking what i'm thinking partner? Impulse: Aim it for the bushes! (BGM music started by Foo Fighter: "There goes my heroes, watched as him goes...")
666wurm Prieš mėn
Meh, that RTX thing is nice but I do not need it.
UltraBlack Prieš mėn
Bedrock RTX is a scam. Why are you encouraging people to buy this crap.
EstelienMayalinn Prieš mėn
This was hilarious to watch! Thanks Tango!
Harsh Dawar
Harsh Dawar Prieš mėn
Bedrock edition wither is actually harder than java.It has double health than java wither and it has a special move called charged attack.and because of that I am never able to kill a wither
Vicky Prieš mėn
That was excellent.
Minerge Prieš mėn
You can tell Java players from bedrock players with how fast they swing the sword
Cuboid Gamez
Cuboid Gamez Prieš mėn
Me after reading the title of this video: This video is sponsored by RTX
Allegro Demonee
Allegro Demonee Prieš mėn
The well scene?Iconic
Gregor 7008
Gregor 7008 Prieš mėn
Bedrock Edition.... The illegal version of Minecraft.... Guys, never do Redstone in Bedrock!
Croaky Crafter
Croaky Crafter Prieš mėn
Did you know that you can spam in Windows 10 Edetion?
Aswath Satheesh
Aswath Satheesh Prieš mėn
Y does impulse sound like bdubs
Jumar Jimeno
Jumar Jimeno Prieš mėn
It's so weird to see a hermit wearing an iron armor with no elytra for real 🤣
Minecraft Gamer's Adda - M.G.A
Minecraft Gamer's Adda - M.G.A Prieš mėn
bedrock edition whithers are so much harder than java It have special attacks and properties
Hazard 1nc
Hazard 1nc Prieš mėn
Orc is like WoW and very sus 🤔
Jason Licht
Jason Licht Prieš mėn
Lol lol lol "the level designers are jerks" I'm sure that's how everyone felt about Decked Out... xD
ZG gamer
ZG gamer Prieš mėn
Can you make a better village mod for bedrock edition because a lot of people wanted that mod on bedrock
Thomas Lobb
Thomas Lobb Prieš mėn
Impulse is definitely gay lol
goingunder13 Prieš mėn
when they forget they can craft and place blocks XD
goingunder13 Prieš mėn
Tango's voice at 11:31 was HILARIOUS "Kill the WiThEr??"
Imad Nurhafiz
Imad Nurhafiz Prieš mėn
when Tango Tek hit 1 million sub we will be og
xXfzmusicXx Prieš mėn
If only we could buy graphics cards without having to pay 200% of msrp
E L Prieš mėn
Tango tango .. make this on the next season . . .all hermits will be like it this kind of game
Erin Jackson
Erin Jackson Prieš mėn
Disclaimer: No brain cells were used in the making of this video
BreadyFedy Prieš mėn
Tango saying he hates parkour but putting 2 parkour or die puzzles in Decked Out just proves he enjoys the suffering of others
RetroSplash Prieš mėn
Tango you missed some good loot! Go back and see if you can find it! 😉
Sal T
Sal T Prieš mėn
I like that they figured out what bedrock withers are like now and that they are using java fighting mechanics. On bedrock you can still spam and swords are better then axes. I just thought it was a little funny.
rikker Prieš mėn
I am tired of nVidia trying to sell us $500 graphics cards when a VGA card from 5 years ago is all you need for Minecraft.
ShadyWat TheBean
ShadyWat TheBean Prieš mėn
When they said let’s go I got an Applebees ad...
PittCougar Prieš mėn
Not like we can get one of these cards without paying twice the cards value to scalpers. This just increased my frustrations ten fold, seeing how good this looks...
inyourdreams 364
inyourdreams 364 Prieš mėn
explosion as tango holds a peice of tnt
TheLegitStick Prieš mėn
I just watched an 18 minute ad and loved it
Nana Kisi
Nana Kisi Prieš mėn
I would love to see a tango and impulse collab in hermitcraft season 8. Back to the old days
Chika Fujiwara
Chika Fujiwara Prieš mėn
when they see redstone, they think: redSerTonE=MoeB farM???
drsch Prieš mėn
Am I the only one who thinks the RTX graphics are less enjoyable than the normal settings? I've always felt that way about shaders too.
JeffKPhoto Prieš mėn
Mistakes were made! Love me some Tango and Impulse shenanigans! XD
ciylph Prieš mėn
you can tell how many hearts impulse is on based off his vocal range. I love it
Mykia Hale
Mykia Hale Prieš mėn
You would thing tengo would be so comfortable with raven gets by now lol 😂
Scott Owens
Scott Owens Prieš mėn
Tango releases a video: Me: :) Title: Dungeon Dash Me: :0 Title: With Impulse Me: :() The video's not about Decked Out: Me: :( It's still Tango and Impulse goofing around: Me: :)
Michael Kern
Michael Kern Prieš mėn
Impulse: “I’ve got to plan a path across here...” *leaps into the void*
ScooterFett Prieš mėn
this man plays bedrock like the 1.9 combat update was here... but it never was...
Mr C
Mr C Prieš mėn
Who knew building crazing red stone stuff in survival will make you awesome at parkour? You try getting in and around one of Tango's red stone builds without getting good at parkour.
godwin gasgas
godwin gasgas Prieš mėn
Tango: creates among us in minecraft everyone: *waiting* Tango: doing this I:disapointted cause im waiting but its fun but still just a bit
Tyler French
Tyler French Prieš mėn
You guys should do some adventure maps together... Could call it "It takes two to Tango"
NibbleDrake14 Prieš mėn
this is amazing! cool to see the gameplay of this map with rtx!
Philip Corbally
Philip Corbally Prieš mėn
impulse and tango : those ores are cool Me : are u gonna mine 'em or not
risa saruwatari
risa saruwatari Prieš mėn
I really wanna see Decked out in RTX T∆T
Bimi siKocheng
Bimi siKocheng Prieš mėn
This is the first time I see rtx multiplayer gameplay
David Aspinall
David Aspinall Prieš mėn
Nvidia luckily doesn't realise HC is not on bedrock. No one tell them until all the hermits have got new free hardware and advertising money though.
Tacobell1384 Prieš mėn
RTX is really cool, but I don't get by the made it only for bedrock and not for java version.
Kryptic YT
Kryptic YT Prieš mėn
Can you play this game if you don’t have a device that can run rtx?
Sietse van der Hoeven
Sietse van der Hoeven Prieš mėn
Alternative title: two Americans discovering a whole new side of Minecraft
Tiberius Oni
Tiberius Oni Prieš mėn
So, about that Wither fight. You Java players have it easy. The Bedrock Wither Fight is something to try if you want a REAL challenge. A few Hermitcrafters have Bedrock now and i'd love to see them all try it
Recognized Prieš mėn
Anyway RTX GPUs are extremely hard to get and thus ads look out of place
Robert Prieš mėn
I'm glad the hermits are getting sponsored more. You guys deserve it!
Zander C.
Zander C. Prieš mėn
Did they enchant their items? Or did they both just ignore the lapis that was given to them 😂
LeannaRuth Jensen
LeannaRuth Jensen Prieš mėn
I admure you two because you are talented builders and red stoners, you have full lives and bring interesting ideas to your minecraft, but most of all I love how you play like a couple of 10 year olds!
Isabel Sunrise
Isabel Sunrise Prieš mėn
i really loved that omg!!
Ravenvoid 34
Ravenvoid 34 Prieš mėn
Tango that was on easy mode. You should try fighting bedrock withers on hard difficulty. It is fun if you plan it out a bit.
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